Friday, May 4, 2012

Roasted Spiced Corn on the Cob(Makkai Bhutta)

Who doesn't love Roasted Corn on the Cob. I do! How about blended  spices on a toasted corn. I I grew up in Mumbai, India. During summertime you will see the corn seller selling corns in his little wheeled cart selling not just corns but roasting and preparing it ready for you.

In Hindi the Corn on the Cob, is called "Makkai Bhutta." There used to be different choice of corns. Tender corn or tuff corn. Sweet corn roasted doesn't go very well. Tender corn was Ok. Hello, "there", Roasted tuff corn was great to eat with Indian Spice blend. A slice of Lime dunked in that spice and applied all over the corn. I kid you not, this is a great way to have roasted corn with a little citrus taste blended with spices.

This is the best way to eat corn, snack or serve as an appetizer. You can hold the Corn with the Cob or cut the Corn into two and insert a popstick to hold the corn with. Great for entertaining as well as serving kids this nutritious dish. Yellow or white corn doesn't matter. Please yourself and your family with whatever corn is available and whatever spice you like. You will need only basic things to make this delicious Corn. Of course, you can make this without a grill. I don't have indoor or outdoor grill. I make it on my stove top flame. On a smaller flame.

2-3 Unsweet Corn on the Cob(medium Tuff)
Indian Chilli Powder
Salt to taste
A Half cut Lime
Preparation: On a stove top, over a smaller flame, roast these corn. I can roast 2 corns at a time. So roast them in batches as per your needs. Then in a small plate, add salt and chilli powder and mix well. The half cut piece of lime is ready to be dunked in the spice mix and applied all over the corn thoroughly. Remember the lime juice and the spice blend can really go hand in hand when applied all over the corn. Great way to make your day with a Roasted Corn.

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