Saturday, December 1, 2012

Indian Vegan Healthy Breadfruit Fries /Geeg uso

What is a breadfruit? What is it like? Where it comes from? Too many wild questions might me coming to your mind. But hang in there. I will explain it to. I have seen this fruit in India in the coastal regions. Like kerala, Karnataka(south India).

I was taken aback when I saw it in the Indian store market in Las Vegas. I could not resist. So I went ahead and made the purchase. It was probably a pound. I brought it for $4.00. Not bad hah! I remember growing up when my mom use to make it once in a while when somebody would visit their native land in India and during summer time they would bring with them coconuts, driedfish,(suki masli) in  my language("konkani"), jackfruit and Jig Ujo(In english,, "Breadfruit"). They would shae their goodies with our family. It was nice to make different varities and share with our neighbors. I really miss eating variety foods.

My mom is a genius . She would come up with these creative things in making it taste better for us a a kid. As a kid we are usually fussy in eating certain types of food. especially when they are healthy and good for you.

Common name - Sa-ke(Thai), Sukun(Malay) these are some of the common names in which bread fruit is known by.
Scientific name - Artocarpus altilis (Greek) meaning artos = bread and karpos = fruit.
Origin- They are known to originate from Mexico.
Appearance - Breadfruit looks green in color, when matured little sap will be leaked out which makes the fruit to appear more yellow in color when ripe. The fruit has a starchy texture and fragrance that tends to remain about the fresh baked bread. The nutritious fruit and the seeds are edible. A fully ripe breadfruit is usually soft and fragrant and its flesh is creamy yellow like coloured and pasty with irregular oval seeds. In the centre of this seedless fruit, there found a cylindrical core, in some species which is fully covered with hairs and small seeds. The breadfruit's flesh will be sweet and the fruit haves a nice fragrant smell.

Facts of Breadfruit:

1) Breadfruit is a tropical tree which is mainly related to Jackfruit family.
2) Plants bestow demeanor fruits from 2-3 years after planting and remains productive for decades.
3) Breadfruit can also be used like a vegetable.It can be baked, boiled, fried, or roasted.
4) Breadfruit has been an important crop in the Pacific for more than 3,000 years.
5) They also provide construction materials, medicines, fabric, glue, insect repellent, animal feed, and more.
6) There are two varieties of breadfruit, one is the seeded variety known as the breadnut, scientific name - Artocarpus camansi and the other one is the seedless one.
7) The seeds are boiled, steamed, roasted over fire and eaten with salt. Sometimes they are made in the form of a puree.
8) Breadfruits play a vital role in animal feeding.

Note: Cut the breadfruit into half length wise. Peel and discard the outer skin(woodsy part). I cut the breadfruit into half and then other half and make them into 1 inch thick piece. It smelled like guava. But it is basically a variation to the jackfruit. This is not so sticky. But it is very dry in nature and perfect to make fries. Same texture as Plantains. You can compare breadfruit with plantains.

2 cups sliced and diced breadfruit
1 tblsp turmeric
1 tsp kuttilal red chilli powder(red vibrant color and taste)
1/2 tsp chaat masala
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp lemon pepper mix
1 tblsp lime juice
oil to pan fry
salt to taste

Note: marinate all the above for 30 minutes and then be ready to pan fry them.

Preparation: In a medium sized skillet. Add oil to the pan, then fry the breadfruit pieces in batches one by one. They don't need much time to fry. They are tender and dry anyways. Make it tasty by adopting this recipe. You will love it.

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