Friday, July 13, 2012

Homestyle Roasted Sweet Potatoes(Tandoor ratali/rattalu) Vegan style

I remember growing up in Mumbai(Maharashtra), my mum used to roast sweet potatoes as a snack for tea. The perfect homestyle way of roasting the sweet potatoes at home. Remember not to mistaken with the conventional oven. We did not have an oven at home. Still my mom does not have an oven. People In India tend to be creative in baking cake and other items, without the oven. Thumbs up to my country fellows. So we roasted on the stove top. In Konkani, my mother tongue we used to call sweet potato "Kangee".

At home back in India, mom used to use iron griddle to roast sweet potatoes. She gently washed them with water to get the dirt  off and then dry off and situate them enclosing them on that griddle with a closed lid. So I have used here my moms technique, from her kitchen to mine and from my kitchen to yours. So enjoy this delicious , mouth watering homestyle tech in your kitchen. I believe in simplicity. Cooking should not be considered difficult or includes things such as  hi-tech, expensive tools or gadgets.


1 Pound sweet potatoes(2-3 medium sized) washed and dried
Iron griddle
Aluminium or steel lid

Preparation: Set the sweet potatoes on the iron griddle. Don't over crowd it. Set the iron flame on very low. Cover with the lid. when the sweet potatoes roast, your nose will know the smell. In 15-20 minutes open the lid with the kitchen towel or gloves, as the lid would be very hot. Then turn the potaotes around the other side to get roasted for the same amount. They are ready in no time. You can peel them, slice them and even spice them if you want. Spice them with chat Masala. Yum Yum!

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