Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Black Pomfret Fish Steak Tikka(Halwa fish fry)

We are fussy and have our own likes and dislikes. My mom use to make this delcious fish once in a while as it was expensive and second it was considered as a delicacy. This fish was expensive and was in par with the silver promfret. But there was no break in my house when it came to making fish fry or fish curry, fish ambot tik curry, sukhi maslichi cuddie or ambha thor cuddie. we did not care for. We did not realize the importance of it. But coming to America, I am craving for all those items she use to make in India. So Now I am finding ways to incorporate my mom's cooking techniques, ideas and her style in my cooking. I really miss eating those meals she used to prepare us.

Now When I call my mom, she would tell me, I made this and that. She misses me having those goodies. We both feel guilty of teasing each other and having not what we want.

2 lb black pomfret fish cut in steak style(cleaned and cut 1 inch thick)

note: Fish to be marinated atleast for an hour or overnight

Ingredients to marinade fish
6-7 pieces
1/2 tsp turmeric
1 tblsp red chilli powder
A pinch of chaat masala
1 tblsp ginger/garlic paste(powder will do)
1/2 tblsp lime juice
1/2 cup besan or multi purpose flour to roll fish before pan frying
2 tblsp vegetable oil

Preparation: Roll the fish in besan one by one as you are frying. In a large pan, add vegetable oil. When sizzling hot add fish steak in batches and fry them each side for 3-5 minutes till they are crisp golden color. Eat as an appetizer, entree (with white rice).
This is one of my favorite fish.

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