Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nariyal Kesar Kulfi(Coconut saffron Ice cream)

I grew up in Mumbai, eating lot of coconuts. Being on the coastal regions, you will see plenty of palm trees and coconut in abundance.

My mom make delicious meals .She was always known for her meals and still she is. She was born and raised in Karnataka(southern india) and a daughter of a farmer. Her abundant knowledge about food, cooking and you name it is like an Encyclopedia.

Here flair to speak different indian regional languages and her passion to cook is invincible. She was known for being the best seamtress. This was not her passion, it was out of choice to give us the eleviated lifestyle, english education and not repeat the profession.

She made every use of coconuts. From  mangalorean fish curry, to pateleos, gariyos, mandas, gulgule, goat curry, mughlai chicken curry and you name it.

Cooking ,Cleaning and Computer was not my passion. I hated it, as much as I learnt to love it now.

When mom cooked in the kitchen, I would engage myself, pretending to study. I feel guilty about it now. Same with cleaning. I specialized in accomodations operations and housekeeping management. Did not like a bit.

When I was doing my degree in Institute of Hotel Mgt, I had computer as a subject. One of my colleagues did my assignment for me. The program lotus! I still have good memory.

Back to making Coconut saffron ice cream. In hindi, "Nariyal" for coconut and "kesar" for saffron. In this blog you are not just learning your passion to cook, but learning some Hindi words too.

What is " kulfi"? It is a thicker and more smooth and creamy version of ice cream made with heavy cream, condensed milk, whipped cream. But I have made a vegan version. Non dairy, low calorie.

1 can whole coconut milk(full fat)
Refigerate overnight. When the milk get condensed or hardened after refrigeration, scoop coconut and drain water.
10- 12 saffron strands(kesar)
1/2 cup sugar
Coconut milk or creamer(1/2 cup)

In a medium bowl, whip the coconut cream from the can adding sugar little by little. Go slow, otherwise you will form air bubbles. You will form a delicious coconut whipped cream.

I made mistake while making kulfi, i used low fat coconut. Became watery. Did not refigerate coconut and scooped coconut cream and threw water. I used all coconut milk

In a seperate small bowl. Add saffron and dissolve in 2 tblsp coconut milk and rest for 15 minutes and stir well.

Add saffron mix, coconut milk/creamer to the whipped cream. Mix well and add into your ice cream molds or pop molds. Freeze for atleast 5-8 hrs, before serving.

When serving, warm up the molds on the palm of your hand to take kulfi out. Yum yum! Deliciouso.

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