Saturday, August 3, 2013

Avocado shake/nice cream/smoosicle

What is an avocado? The green looking hard shelled bulb. Yes, it looks ugly from outside, but smooth from inside. It is rich, full with nutrients and a great substitute for butter, mayonaise!

When the fruit is light green means, jt is still not riped. But when it transforms into a dark greener color, it means ready or ripened.

Avocado has its great multi purpose in salads, salsa, smoothies, chutneys and you name it. It is in high demand these days.

Eating  healthy should be the choice not an excuse. Eating in moderation, portion control is a great getaway from your mouth to your body.

Thanks to our Import and Export business where we can trade items internationally. It is made available for us at a low premium.

1 ripened avocado/gucamole
2 ripened bananas(kela)
1 medium sized mango(ripe)


Mix all the above in a blender, till formed to a smooth consistency. No need to add any liquids . Pour yourself or your friends a glass of shake  or pour into pop moulds to make avocadi freeze pops or eat as it is in a form of ice cream.

You can aim for 3 shots in one go. It is a one stop shop.


Serves 2-3 persons

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