Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Soysicle Banana Ice cream(vegan/eggless)

Make this delicious ice cream, home,made without any guilt. Fat free. All natural ingredients.

This recipe to honor  those kids who are lactose intolerant, nuts and more.
A simple easy to make homemade frozen treat at the comfort of you home. No artifical flavors, add ons, color or more.

This delactable guilt free treat is sure a crowd pleaser. I got to warn you, my kids  ate the mix before I could freeze it. Was lucky enough to save some. when my bananas are soft, mushy and not edible i don't throw them away.  I freeze them. 
I did not invent it nor it was my idea. learnt from other moms.

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4 ripened frozen bananas
1/2 cup soy creamer(silk
) french vanilla flavor

: mix all above ingredients and blend till all the mixture is smooth and well  incorporated. pour the mix into the molds and freeze till they are ready to eat and devour.

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You can have smoothie as well frozen healthy treat! You can aim 2 things in one go.

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