Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vegan- Eggless Gariyos(Jackfruit Pancakes-Desi Style Mangalorean Indian) Memorial day celebration!!

Happy Memorial Day-Americans and American Indians! Tomorrow is a big Holiday and a big sale event from clothing to furniture and you name it. So folks shop till you drop. So relax tomorrow. Have BBQ(barbeque) and a eavesdropping desert for supper.

Frozen jackfruit

What are Gariyos? Don't loose sweat. It means Little mini South Indian pancakes. They are sweet, delicious and great as snacks, breakfast and more cool like video "Gangnam style".

Growing up I remember my mom used to make this delicious sweet and savory cakes and I had no interest. Since moving to America, my taste buds have given me more respect to what my mother really made and cherish what I had.
Jaggery available at any international market, mexican stores or Indian stores.
Pardes akai hum desi ban gaye. Jackfruit pancakes are made with rice flour, jackruits(deseeded), grated coconut and jaggery(palm sugar). I happen to bring frozen jackfruit. But in Indian it is the right time to get jackfruit as they are available in abundance. Especially during "Vod Purnima" festival.
Grinded Batter to fry!
8-10 pieces of Jackfruit(phanas)
1/2 cup par boiled rice(Soaked overnite)Ukda chawal
1/2 cup fresh grated coconut or 1/2 cup dry coconut soaked in water and drained before grinding.
1/4 cup jaggery(Gud)
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
3-4 deseeded cardamon(elaichi)
Vegetable oil to pan fry the pancakes.

Preparation: Mix all the above and grind well in a mixer or a grinder adding water little as to make a smooth consistency. Not too thick or too watery. Empty the mix in a container.
In a medium pan,add 2-3 tbl spoon vegetable oil  and when hot, try to scoop in a tablespoon the batter and pan fry it both the side till they are light brown . Great way to snack on. No need of any syrup or other condiments. Please feel free to add a scoop of Vanilla ice cream to it. A great WOW factor.

Happy Memorial day weekend! Drive safe and have a peaceful relaxing day eating Gariyos.

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