Monday, April 23, 2012

Swiss chard with northern beans and tuna

I grew up in Mumbai(India) with eating lots of greens and leafy vegetables. I was so much used to eating Lal mart,chawli greens, mustard  greens, But when I came here I did not find any of these greens. It was so different. It took me a while to get to know the different types and kinds of greens here and how to  prepare them. I had to improvise new styles and create lot of  affinity that goes into cooking these leafy veggies. So try this one, it is one of my favorite recipes. I created  this on my own.

I hate to eat canned Tuna on a bread loaded with lots of Mayonaise. Eating tuna other then Mayo, what it can be. So I thought why not add the Albacore packed Tuna into my red veggies.You can also use bumble bee brand.White or red tuna, does not matter. I used white Tuna in water.

1 bunch  RED swiss chard(Washed and cut)
1/ 4 cup northern white beans(navy beans)
1/2 medium cut onion
a pinch of red chilli flakes
1/4 tsp black/white mustard seeds
3-4 cloves of garlic(chopped thinly)
1 tblsp coconut/olive oil
1 packet 2.5-3.0 OZ(Tuna in water)

In a medium sized sautee pan, add oil. when sizzling add garlic and sautee and add red chilli flakes. Add mustard seeds. When you hear the mustard seeds spluttering , add onions. Sautee onions for 5 minutes. Add beans. Then add red swiss chard. when semi wilted, add drained tuna. Add salt and pepper to taste. Toss it well and serve hot with white rice or just eat by itself. Great vegetable to eat!
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